Schools as Parent Partner in the Social-Emotional Wellness of Children

Students spend much of their days at school and it is increasingly understood that those hours greatly influence their lives in ways that go beyond academics, including their social-emotional well-being. Schools that approach their impact on student social-emotional well-being with intention, and in partnership with parents, can help children develop a social-emotional toolbox that can benefit them for a lifetime. When social-emotional curriculums are age-appropriate, embedded in the routines and culture of a school, and include parent involvement, their impact is maximized.

In an effort to provide additional resources to families, BCD developed their Parent Education Series to assist in their navigation of their roles and responsibilities in the face of an increasingly complex world. In 2020, as our world become increasingly more complex, resilience became key to maintaining our social-emotional well-being.

Deb Sorensen, Ph.D.

Join BCD on February 24th at 6:00pm, for a presentation on Whole Family Resilience presented by Denver-based clinical psychologist, Deb Sorensen. Ms. Sorensen will share her expertise on ways to develop psychological flexibility and resilience for both parents and children. Attendees will learn what resilience is and why it is important for emotional health, parenting strategies for fostering resilience and increasing psychological flexibility in kids, and skills to help parents care for their own emotions as they do the hard work of raising children.

This event is open to the public. Register at: