Mindfulness: The Benefits for Students in Preschool-Middle School

Coming out of several years of a pandemic has certainly indicated a greater need for mental, emotional, behavioral, social, and overall psychological support. As we search for effective ways to help ourselves, our students/children, and our family members navigate increased stress, depression, and anxiety (to name a few), there is a wonderful tool at our […]

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Young elemntary student looking up at a Middle School student.
The Benefits of a PS-8 School Environment

Boulder Country Day has intentionally chosen to focus on preschool through eighth grade and we believe it is among our greatest assets. We firmly believe that a PS-8 school environment offers distinct advantages during the most critical years of a child’s intellectual, social, and emotional development.  From the teachers we hire to the welcoming and […]

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a table top with a bowl of fruit, a half drunk cup of coffee, a calendar, and a handwritten note starting with 'I am grateful for'
Fostering an Attitude of Gratitude

For those of you who’ve known me for a while, you know that I have a Thanksgiving tradition of sharing a life lesson that I learned from my mother, Mary. My mom liked “speaking words of wisdom,” (she was a Beatles fan) and she worked hard to instill in me an attitude of gratitude. If […]

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If your family is like mine, your social media use has probably exploded during the pandemic. Without the ability to see family and friends in-person, social media has provided a respite of connection during a time in our lives when public health officials are advising us to limit in-person gatherings. While the benefits are many […]

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COVID is Spooky – Halloween doesn’t need to be.

The first time my son, Gus, was old enough to “get” the concept of trick-or-treating was memorable. He donned his firefighting costume, strapped on his oxygen tank, fastened his helmet, and headed out with two very eager parents. What we failed to notice was that before we left the house, Gus had filled his trick-or-treating […]

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One Thing in Common

Our job is to deepen our relationships and build our level of trust so that the children we love and the students we serve develop a greater sense of certainty in what are without question uncertain times.

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