Parent-Teacher Conference Tips

At BCD, we believe that Parent- Teacher Conferences are essential to educational achievement. Remember, you and the teacher are a team—working in a partnership together. Here are a few tips to help you be better prepared for parent teacher conferences. Plan to discuss the “whole child”.  Your child’s social and emotional development is just as […]

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When is my child’s writing going to look like writing?

A common question our teachers often hear is, “When is my child’s writing going to look like writing?” I’ll answer that question, but first let’s reflect on when your child said their first words, an exciting milestone for any family. Perhaps you called grandparents? Maybe you encouraged your child to say it again in order […]

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Child cleaning up pretend kitchen areas
The Power of Open-Ended Dramatic Play in Preschool

It has been said that a toy is a toy, but a box has a million possibilities. The best preschools under understand this concept and utilize it thoughtfully when developing their dramatic play areas. Dramatic play areas are designed to allow children to experiment with familiar and fantasy everyday. But children can’t role play what […]

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